Border Collie

Before trying to get and buy a dog, make sure you have all the necessary characteristics to be a dog-lover. Not only that, check all of the things needed before you want to take care of them. So are you looking for a comprehensive canine pet in your home? Well, one of the most popular and responsive dog’s breed is the border collie. They are best known for having a friendly temperament. It is the most intelligent dog in the world; an example scenario from the study is that it was able to identify 1022 different toys.

Their lifespan lasts for about 10-17 years. That is how long they can live to be with you. They weight 14–20 kilograms for male, 12–19 kilograms for female. It is assuring that this is also one of the most affordable breeds around the globe. However, they need a lot of exercises to prevent some of the psychological illness like destructiveness and hypersensitivity and anxiety, so it is better if you could accompany it by running, walking and even socialization to others.

The history of this breed is ancient as they are often used most likely for farming. The “border” terming was developed from the hilly border country between Scotland and England. Of course, it is an excellent herding dog. They have the instinct to guide sheep; however, it should take a little bit of time to train them.

As a watchdog, they are alert so that they can warn their guardians from the presence of strangers. These dogs can have eyes of different colors. It is the hereditary phenomenon which causes their eyes to differ in hues. Some of them have one blue and one brown eye while some of them experience albinism in the form of white spots around the eyes. They also have unique coat colors

This breed can develop long or short hair and basically, the serves as the base of their coat patterns.

They are a very Faithful Dog. They are close to their guardians, and they can understand what they feel and quickly return the love their owners provide. They can bring genuine joy and happiness to homes because they know to handle. Lastly, they are ideal for children as they are very obedient, organized and retire less which perfect for energetic children and enable it to interact appropriately. They can be more than honest all the time and will truly be the mans best friend. Having interaction and bonding with them is priceless that you will surely consider this type of dog as one of your family.

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