Cute Dog Breed – Shi Tzu

It is exciting and fun to have a dog breed in your home. Some of them depend on their sizes, sometimes small and others are significantly large. While others are expensive, however, some of them are for adoption and free. There are a lot of various types of dogs that you can choose from pet shops. So the ubiquitous you can pick is the Shi Tzu as a companion dog.

They were bred for centuries to be a companion dog. They can’t hunt, guard, protect farm animals. They can be your friend. Nothing more you can say about the kindness that this dog can do to you. They are also an Ancient Breed. According to DNA research, they are one of the 14 oldest breeds according to making them close to the wolves. They are the official dog breed in the Ming dynasty Famous in China for centuries and served as a house dog for the royal family during the Ming dynasty. The name Shi Tzu means the lion dog; they are called a lion dog, but they are not the only breed with that nickname. The others are Lhasa Apso, Pugs, and Japanese Chins which look like a little lion. Another fact is that they are also called as a chrysanthemum dog because their face and hair looks like from a chrysanthemum flower. Our friends at NuVision Auto Glass have a Shi Tzu as their company dog and absolutely love it! You can check out their website here

They are a double coated breed meaning to say that they have a thick double coat that consists of a harder outer layer and softer inner jacket. Puppies are born with a single skin, and their adult coat begins to grow after seven months. They are hypoallergenic dogs so try to keep them in good condition. They can live for about 10-16 years, and of course, they are lively, affectionate, loyal, smart and independent. Did you know that they are also a protector of palaces and temples long ago? From the ancient time, their main job was to guard castles and monasteries in ancient China and of course, to keep every happy. They served as foot warms, hand warmers, lap warmers, and bed companions.

The Communist Party almost destroyed the breed after the year 1949. All the surviving Shi Tzu today navigate the hallways all by itself and brings comfort to those around her.

These dogs are perfect for everyone especially for children because they are so obedient and friendly. These type of canine pet are so adorable and charming because their looks are somewhat different because their furs grow more protracted than their tail. Another fact about these breeds is that it is costly. Why? Because you have to take them to grooming shop to trim their hair. Aside from that, they are prone to disease, and you have to take care of them very much like buying the right food for them and provide vaccination.

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