Yorkshire Terrier – Great Breed For Families With Children

Another cute, super small and fragile breed of dog is the highlight of this article. An owner should be aware of the facts about the pet that he or she owns. Yorkshire Terrier is one of the kinds of dog that is so lovable and friendly to people. They are originated in the mainland of England. This is the most popular to dog breed in the United States and is commonly called as Yorkies.

So there are maybe characteristics you may not know about them. They are great for people; however, in some instances, it is not recommended for families having children with rough hands because they might get easily hurt. They are on the average level when it comes to trainability. Consistent training from the house will help them enhance their skills and knowledge. And even though their legs are too small, they love to walk around your home or everywhere. You can go with them along the way. Despite their size, Yorkies are being utilized for pulling off wires through tunnels during the war making them very courageous and brave anyway. That will be one of their extraordinary features from different canine breeds around the world. What makes them happy is that they love being trained every hour and every day to gain a lot of learning and new tricks.

They are hypoallergenic, and their life lasts for about 13 years. Their colors vary from Blue and Tan, Black and Tan, Black and Gold, Blue and Gold. The cost to buy them is somehow expensive at selected pet breeders and pet shops. They are the most charming representative of the whole breed that is undoubtedly attracting a lot of people. Yorkies are very affectionate to their owner which they are genuinely best suits for the term companion dog.

They are about to grow from 8 to 9 inches to the shoulder and about to weigh no more than 7 pounds. And if you are planning to buy this type of dog, make sure that you are aware of the breeders who are offering “teacup” size because the smaller it is, the higher the chance that it becomes more prone to genetic disorders. They have different personalities from being cuddly and perky into mischievous and outgoing. When it comes to health, they are generally known to be a typical type but other all breeds they are still also prone to general health problems like Patellar Luxation, Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), Portosystemic Shunt, Hypoglycemia, Collapsed trachea and reverse sneezing. Be sure to care and feed them at the right time to avoid any problems.

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