Aspin – A Great Dog Breed

Every nation has a distinct identity. It is just like from having a pet; you have to name it which is something unique so that both of you will have a strong interaction. ‘Aspin’ or “Asong Pinoy” is one of the breeds of dogs around the world. It is a native dog in the Philippines, and most of the Filipinos are taking care of them. Some of them are in the streets that sometimes they are called “Askal” or street dogs.

Considering that they are the local breed of the country, these dogs are not for sale; instead, they are just taken care for free. You don’t usually see them in, but you can locate them in some animal shelters because most of them is a victim of animal cruelty. Despite that they are abused, “Aspins” are considered for being lovable and kind to their owners. A person who can genuinely love and take care of them is granted to adopt these dogs. Mixed breeds characterize them; however, there is still no clear evidence which is their ancestors. There is a quick way on how to determine them as they are medium-sized dogs having nearly 2 feet in height while the coat is usually rough and short with varying colors. Speaking of colors, they come up with black, brown, white and spotted.

They are might not pure in the breed, but their hearts are always pleasant to support to their owner. They are also ideal as a guard dog and based on my own experience they can detect strangers or robbers inside the home by barking too much loud, and sometimes they tend to bite. In addition to that, they are good in weather tolerance, unlike the purebred dogs. They are easy to be taken care of and nothing you can say about the food they eat because what you are eating is also the one they eat too. They are compatible and perfect to an average person. Furthermore, they are ideal for children because of their kindness and lovely features.

An advantage of having this canine pet is that they are completely vaccinated and it is cheap. Sometimes when you want to get it from animal homes, you’ll feel virtuously fulfilling because you save a life. Animal sanctuaries can also find the right pet that bests suites to your personality and lifestyle. ‘Aspins’ are maybe just a street dog, and a favorite pet in the Philippines but they have the greatest and exceptional characteristics you can’t find in other breeds.

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