We started this blog in hopes of helping people choose what breed of dog they would like when selecting one for themselves of their family. We feel like every dog should have a happy home and every home should have a dog. There are literally millions of animals in shelters right now just waiting for you to take them home and love them. One of the things that brings us great joy is being able to give back to our communities by providing food, blankets, and proper care to the animals stuck in shelters.

Our blog sponsors a company called the humane society, you can visit their website here:

Every donation we get from our supporters and readers goes to them because they donate as much money as they can while paying their employees and execs a minimal amount so most of the funds can help the animals.

While it was hard to choose which non-profit we wanted to donate to, after much research we decided on them because of their national reach and the effectiveness in which every dollar is used to help animals in need. In order to donate, please contact us at and our representative will walk you through the process of donating. We appreciate everyone that donates more than you will ever know!