The Breeder Directory...

The Directory provides information on breeders or owners of dogs that are Health Tested. Whilst we support and promote breeders who health test their dogs, we cannot personally vouch for the ethics or breeding practices of any individual or their dogs.

To display your details here, please  click on our To Advertise link in the navigation bar or email Admin at  Your details will be independantly verified prior to being published on the site. We do not rely on the KC Health Data Base as it is not always up to date.

Whilst we encourage all breeders to eventually carry out ALL the  Health Screening Tests available; the initial minimum requirement to Advertise your dog here, is one or both of the following:

A current  BVA/KC   Eye Certificate


Optigen DNA Test: prcd-PRA

 To make it easier to see at a glance which tests the breeders do, we have intoduced a star scheme the tests are indicated as follows:

* Annual Eye Test

* Gonioscopy (Glaucoma Tested)

* Optigen DNA prcd-PRA

* DNA Test - FN

* Hip Scored