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The current Health Screen Tests available for the Cocker Spaniel, are:
  An annual BVA/KC/ Eye Test (for GPRA - Generalised Progressive Retinal Atrophy & CPRA - Centralised Progressive Retinal Atrophy)


A one off test for Glaucoma sometimes called Goniodysgenesis (predisposition for primary glaucoma) or referred to as a Gonioscopy Test.


Also available is DNA testing for prcd-PRA 
DNA testing for FN (Familial Nephropathy)


We can also make use of the BVA/KC Hip Scoring Scheme.

We have tried to give an informative overview of the conditions and offered links to the respective sites.



We are fortunate that the potential health issues surrounding this robust, loyal and hard working breed are well documented.  ALL responsible breeders have health screening available to them, which includes DNA tests for problems like PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy).  There is no reason or excuse why these tests should not be undertaken, prior to breeding.  These tests will ensure that we do our very best to secure the health of  the Working Cocker Spaniel.

Breeders of show cocker spaniels have carried out these basic tests for years, but sadly, the majority of the working community, shy away from this, therefore failing to acknowledge the responsibility to their breed.  In fact, some working cocker spaniels used at stud, do not even carry a clear eye certificate, which is the very least that should be done.

A blind dog at three years old, is not only an awful shock, but is unnecessary and as custodians of this wonderful breed, we can avoid this hereditary condition and the heartache which accompanies it.

Come on people, show you care, step up to the mark and be PRO active.

Help to  'keep your cocker healthy'!




 The Pro Health Team