If you are considering, or currently own, a working strain of cocker spaniel, these are the qualities we believe should make up a good specimen of the breed.

Sound temperament, intelligence, stamina, speed and biddability. Sound in body and capable of being trained to perform the job they were bred for.

However, along with all the above attributes of the breed, we feel the health testing is of equal importance in order to provide the whole picture. Therefore:-


Our 3 principal mission goals are:

To raise awareness of the Health Issues in the Working Cocker

By providing a comprehensive guide to the health issues and test available, and facilitating access to other information resources on how to carry out these tests.

To support & promote breeders who initiate these tests

By providing a directory of breeders and their dogs, who initiate these health tests in their breeding programme. The site will offer other services that these breeders can use to advertise their puppies and older dogs.

To promote public awareness of these health issues

By promoting the site in various ways to ensure that our informative service, is available to those looking to acquire health tested, working cocker spaniels, from responsible breeders.




The Pro Health Team