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Raezhaven Gundogs

Christchurch, Dorset

Philip & Rachel Birt

01202 485545/07779 289913

'working & companion dogs, from people who care..'

We are just the two of us and our canine family, we aim to breed puppies with exceptional temperament, that are sound in body, vibrant in spirit, with gentle dispositions. The working cocker is a highly intelligent breed, and coupled with these other qualities, they excel in any working discipline.

Our cockers all participate in gundog training and activities, and some of them also enjoy competing in other disciplines such as flyball and agility.

 Introducing our Girls...



Calkerry Roach at Raezhaven

Born: 21/04/2007

Sire: Jackalantern Crisp

Dam: Lady Wallingfen

Current Clear BVA/KC Eye Certificate: June 2012

Gonioscopy (Glaucoma predisposition) Normal/Clear 04/03/08

Optigen DNA Tested - prcd-PRA  Normal/Clear 04/11/08

FN DNA: Normal/Clear OCT 09

Hips: 7:6

Fern has a very soft temperament but is full of fun and mischief, she is lovely to live with, very affectionate and truly loyal, a lovely example of the breed. She is very eager to learn and does everything with great enthusiasm. She has produced three lovely litters so far, and her progeny are working in the field, training for agility, and one of them is working for Dogs for the Disabled in their new Autism programme. Fern is now retired from breeding and is enjoying life living locally with a member of our family.


Midnights Hope at Raezhaven

Born: 23rd December 2009

Sire: Silvertips Knight of Danalimatt

Dam: Midnight Galaxy

Colour: Blue Roan & Tan

 BVA/KC/ISDS Eye Certificate: CPRA/GPRA- Normal - June 2013

Gonioscopy: Glaucoma Predisposition -  Clear - 14/06/10

Optigen DNA Tested: prcd-PRA- Clear Aug 2010

DNA Tested: FN (Familial Nephropathy) Normal/Clear Aug 2010

Hips: 5:3 Jan 2011
Darcey joined our family in February 2010. She has a super temperament, is very biddable, and loves to learn. She is great fun to live with and is always making us laugh with her own special brand of cocker magic. She is fantastic with young pups, and is always willing to help Fern with maternal duties when the babies get to playing age. She is currently doing very well with her flyball and agility training, and we hope to have a litter from her  during 2013.

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