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Mrs Julie Summers 

01388 747907 or email summervilles@btinternet.com

Location: County Durham

Here at Summervilles we believe in responsible breeding and only breed from sound proven working stock. We breed, work and train our own dogs, to have the best of temperaments and superior hunting abilities.

Our dogs heritage stems from some of the best trialing dogs in Great Britain today. We are proud to have produced some out standing quality pups & trained dogs.

Our own line of dogs are proving to be of excellent quality, steadiness and trainability.

Introducing some of our Girls....



This is TOFFEE

Summervilles Cairistiona

Sire: Saxaphone Klinger of Hareson

Dam: Millie's Summerbreeze from Summervilles

Colour: Chocolate & Tan

Current Clear BVA/KC Certificate (GPRA/CPRA)

Gonioscopy (Glaucoma Predisposition) Normal/Clear  Jan 2010

Optigen DNA Test: prcd-PRA -June 09 - Normal/Clear

DNA Test: FN - Clear Oct 09





This is TALLY

Ravens Finest at Summervilles

Sire: Ethan Fay from Summervilles

Dam: Fourlanes Mia Myer

Colour: Chocolate

Current Clear BVA/KC Eye Certificate: Jan 2011

Gonioscopy (Glaucoma Predisposition) Normal/Clear

Optigen DNA Test: prcd-PRA - Clear Nov 09

DNA Test: FN - Clear Oct 09

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