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Nr Chichester, West Sussex


My time with the Cocker Spaniel dates back to when I purchased my first cocker at the age of ????, that was 41 years ago! She was a golden show type of  Astrawin lines,  was a wonderful companion and her temperament was second to none. As years passed I had 2 more golden / red cockers ( at this point I had not discovered the working type ) and my last red girl most definitely had a temperament problem, in the wrong ownership she could have been a "problem" !

My husband and I used to go beating, he had a springer spaniel ( Norleigh breeding ) purchased from Malcolm Smith and I had my "show cocker".

The show cockers worked, they hunted and retrieved, water retrieves were no problem but the show type never had the style and drive of the real working cocker, there was obviously no match.

In 1984 I discovered the "WORKING COCKER" and bought myself a real Working Cocker Spaniel.
These are wonderful little dogs to own, not only will they work all day and up to 5/6 days per week but they make lovely honest pets with excellent temperaments and no nasty hereditary problems.
All our girls below have BVA clear eye certificates and are Glaucoma clear too. They are all DNA tested with Optigen prcd-PRA Clear and DNA tested with Antagene for FN Clear
(Scroll down to meet some of our canine family)
                Falcon - Torngat Ebony at Wenji
Fidget - Wenji Falcons Fidget
Definitely not a "couch potato" these little dogs need good exciting daily exercise, they also enjoy the stimulation of agility and obedience.
The working cocker is not designed to look "just so" for the show bench, it is in it's natural state and un-interfered with by showing.  They have an enthusiastic brain and  a nature that loves to learn and please.
                    Sophie - Polly Pen at Wenji
All my girls come beating with me, maybe not as often as we would like but we all enjoy the best of both worlds which is the working life and the comforts of home with cuddles, they are great little people.
Sophie is DNA AMS - Clear
 Sophies' daughter SIKA...
Wenji Sophie's Baby Love

Sika has just finished her first season in the beating line, she has worked steadily with her mum Sophie and faces all cover. A super little person to have around as a family member.
Sika has a Clear BVA Eye Cert., and is Glaucoma Clear.
 Optigen DNA tested for prcd-PRA and FN  Clear/Normal.
DNA  AMS Clear

Judy's Legacy in Disguise at Wenji
Hazel has been with us since 8 weeks of age. Her father is 'Meadowsedge Cardinal' and her mother is 'Wenji Wrinkly Smile'
Hazel has been carefully introduced to the beating line and works close and fast (a little pocket rocket!) and wow does she have some speed!! she is very responsive and loves to please. Cuddles are a must have!
Hazel has a Clear BVA Eye Cert including Glaucoma
Wenji Hazel's Super Girl
Sprinkle is a daughter of Hazel, she is nothing like her mum and from a very young age has been a very independant little person.
She is at the moment just growing up as a family member and learning right from wrong. She will not be asked to work this coming season, but will come out late on in the season at heel only.
We get the most wonderfull BIG hugs from her where she puts her arms/legs around your neck, tucks her head under my chin (almost suffocating herself) and hugs so very tight, just fantastic!
Sprinkle as are all our other girls has a BVA clear eye certificate with Glaucoma clear , she is also DNA tested for ; Optigen, prcd PRA and Antagene FN - Clear.

Wenji Falcons New Seeker

Another home bred girl, her mum is Falcon and her dad is Bryantscroft Crumble. Missy is living with a gamekeeper friend of ours who also has her dad 'Crumble'.
She is carefully learning all of her working skills with enthusiasm. She is not a kenneled keepers dog, and enjoys home comforts with a warm kitchen and rayburn (she actually gets special cuddles from her human dad too!)

Missy has had her puppies, they arrived on 16th June, you can see them HERE